Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~City Life and Friends~

College life is great but creepy and rushing. Anything can happen in anytime, just like the rain.
Sometimes i found it scary too.
I am really really tired of the rush hours, trafiq jams, sleepless nights, and high daily expenses here.
Everyday i am thinking about what should i eat (considering the prices), what time can i finish my studies, homeworks, assignments etc. instead of thinking what time should i sleep. Everyday i am thinking about my final exam, can i get 65and above for all my subject?? to get the next 30% discount for next semester tuition fees. See that??IS everyday..EVERYDAY!!!!
City Life is what it is..
college life is fun and mysterious too. Everyone in city is like a box, you have to open it to know what is inside.
My college buddies and friends are cool, friendly, open minded and fun. Although sometimes they used quite a lot of money, like bowling and lunch in pyramid, but they are all very nice person who are dependable. Some of them help me a lot in my studies, some of them make us laugh, some of them have loads of planning to share, some of them help me when i'm down.
This called Friends.

I know this two topic doesn't relate to each other..but this is what it came out from my mind after i woke up from nap.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

~*New Life in College*~ (part 2)

Class seperated so unevenly...
all the monkeys are in the A1 class, which causes soo much noise and FUN!!!!
i Love the fun..
anyway..there are problems that i'm scared to touch..or even talk about it..
i'm trying my best to make it positive..but i dunno why..i cant..
1st attitude..i'm scared that i cant manage my maths..which i'm lazy and i dont like maths..

2nd problem is i really really really really really really really really really really dont wan to giv anymore burden to my parents. From the day i start to work when i was 15, i already understand that money is very hard to earn. I also know that my parents are having a real hard time to earn alot of money to grow up their 3children(my brother, sister and me). i really really really really dont wan to depend on them anymore..especially in money matter. I had seen before how my parents quarrel because of money matter. They work so so hard until they got sick, hurt, and even depressed.
I knew how they feel actually. i fell so bad that i couldn't help out..not even once..
I felt my self so useless..I call myself Bastard for that.

In KL, i dont really spend money because..every cent that i'm spending is the effort from my parents..
even for food..i would have to think and think.."should i eat?? should i buy this??do i need that file or sumthing???do i really need all that books???"

Today, 7th april 2010..12.23a.m
i cried in front of my laptop,
having peer pressure about those things,
and writing this Blog..

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

~*New Life in College*~

 A week had gone by,
Study in Inti Subang is quite interesting but abit rushing. Classmates are 'cool' at first, slowly getting 'warm'(merrier) now. People in my class are getting more and more, until we have to split the class into two. What a 'noob' decision made by the 'HOP'.

Inti Subang is a good place to study and enjoy. This is the 1st time after my whole secondary school days, where i could study without stress. This is also a place where i could end my life as a 'life jacket' in Sitiawan. I hate to be a 'life jacket'. Whenever they need me,they'll find me. But when they don't need me, they don't even know me!!!!!!What kind of theory is that??!!! But i don't know why I still helping them..Maybe I'm used to it or what..
Anyway, i finally free from that situation. A new life begin now and I enjoy my college life now.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Parents Expectation, Children's Burden.Agree??or??Don't Agree??

      Parents always wanted their children to be good. They expect their children to be perfect in nearly every section..such as education, sports, social, even fashion. They wanted their children to be as clever as the Digi fit as national handsome/ beautiful as the korean actor/ actress.Thus, parents always compare their children with other people, which i don't really agree and actually hates.
      Parents always have high expectation to their children and sometimes, it doesn't make any sense. They expect a small kid to be independence like an adult??If the kid refuse to do so.ends up with strips on the body(canned).
      Parents should not having high expectation on their children. They should have expect them through the children's abilities.We teenagers need more caring, loving and attention from the parents.Teenagers don't like to be judge or being scold like a dog or whatever. Parents should have spend more time with their children so that the children won't feel like abandoned or left out. Try to care about other subject other than education. Don't push too much in education or else..ends up a nerdy child.
(to be continue)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Begining of the Trip..

trust HIM??or the damn RING??
Gottcha!! what are you trying to do??!!
SHAKE it babeh..SHAKE it!!!
sand MONSTARR!!!!
ROCK-ing in the sea!!!
yc sister,rebecca,me,mh,alex,yc(front)..and sad case.alan is not in!!
the end..beautiful sunset..


the Mini Great Wall of China!

1st all in the picture above..except for canoeing..we enjoy the adventures moment, journey to the middle sea!!
About the 2nd day, phew..
Thanks God we are alive..
That was a most unlucky day that i had faced..
for the 2nd day..only the triple (A) was participating..
hmm..starting..we went to a place called 'Fu Ling Gong' . It is a beautiful place..a beautiful Chinese temple..there are fish ponds, tortoise pond, monkeys, a peacock and 'the mini version of 'Great Wall of China',
but sad..we didn't get to see the peacock..
3 'special' things happened on that day..
1st thing happened on that day is..i got a great fight with a SNAKE in front of my house...
2nd thing was my hand phone dropped into a big fish pond.. luckily the fish doesn't eat it as lunch..
3rd thing was i was riding my uncle's bicycle to a place called 'Kuan Yin Ma'..we cycles through many hills..but when we are on the way back..the bicycle chain broke off..!! other choice..we have to push all the way back..through moutains and hills..,cars and motors..,sand and waters..,monkeys and dogs fight..,and finally..we are back to Sitiawan..